I honestly didn’t realise how much I’d missed Don Tilman, the character Graeme Simsion first brought to life in ‘The Rosie Project’ and revisited in ‘The Rosie Effect’, until I dived into the final instalment of the Rosie trilogy as soon as it was published in the UK.

Here is a list of some of the reasons I enjoyed ‘The Rosie Result’ so much:

  1. There are lists.
  2. It is packed with as many laugh out loud moments as the previous books.
  3. Don’s unconditional love for his son, Hudson, radiates from the page.
  4. Don provides a thoughtful and nuanced perspective on the issue of professional identification.
  5. A huge amount of great information about autism is weaved into the story so skilfully you will barely notice you’ve been schooled!

Thank you, Graeme Simsion, for writing such a marvellous ending to our journey with Don. It was a thoroughly engrossing read which made my little autistic heart sing 😊

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